Six University Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research

6-University Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research (6U-HAPPIER)


Messsage from the Chair 議長のメッセージ

The Schools of Engineering at Nagoya University, Osaka University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology initiated an exchange of personnel in 2005 with the aim of jointly and effectively developing our human assets. This program is targeted at younger members of our teaching staffs— those in other words who are expected to become future leaders. Our other goals include knowledge sharing and a more streamlined cooperation and co-evolution across the component universities.
Faculty members are to spend three years in another university before returning to work at their home university. The overall intention is to expand and broaden research interests, to build human networks, and promote exchange among different university cultures.
Our consortium has recently grown with the addition of Hokkaido University in 2014 and both Tohoku University and Kyushu University in 2015. Moreover, since last year we have provided, in addition to outright exchange, a program of joint faculty development, so that more younger faculty are supported in various ways to mature as future research leaders within the academy.
2014年度には北海道大学が、2015年度には東北大学と九州大学が加わりました。 2015年度からは、教員の派遣交流のみならず、6大学合同のFD活動を積極的に 行うことで、より多くの若手教員の育成に努めており、この中から次世代を担 うリーダーが育っていくことと思います。
Going forward we hope this evolving exchange program will also enhance faculty mobility, which heretofore has been lacking in Japanese universities across the board, while joint FD (Faculty Development) programs are further expected to spur research and to activate effective education in member universities.
本プログラムが、日本の大学に不足していた人事の流動性を高め、また大学を 跨いだFD活動により、参加大学の教育研究活動がますます活性化することを期 待しています。
Nobuyuki Iwatsuki
Dean of Engineering, Tokyo Tech, and Chair of 6U-HAPPIER
東京工業大学工学院長、6大学工学系人材養成機構 議長
October 2016