Six University Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research

Professor Rod Smith Innovative Teaching Workshops for Young Faculty 2019

Aims of Professor Smith and 6U-HAPPIER*:

Recognizing and encouraging good, informed, and inspired teaching

Using our own research and experience to inform our teaching

Identifying and exploring differences between teaching and learning
— as well as between education and training

Encouraging our students to become lifelong learners

Supporting in-class mechanisms of interaction with our students

Exploring the key role of engineering in solving global issues

Broadening our own interests beyond narrow specialization

Stimulating and supporting critical discussion and debate in English

What we ask of you:

*Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research

Schedule for One Day Teaching Workshop

Indicative only. Subject to change, depending on the number of, and wishes of, the participants

0930 Workshop begins:

Brief Introduction RAS: Who am I, what do I want you to achieve from this workshop?

1000-1030 Who are you?
Each participant makes a 3 minute maximum presentation to introduce themselves

1030-1115 The role of the University Mission Statement: where is teaching? What is your University mission statement?

1115-1145 Discussion of and completion of questionnaire, preparation of short presentations: 5 minutes on How do I teach? How do I inspire students? What technology/techniques do I use? 5 minutes about your research for your family members

1145-1230 Thinking about PowerPoint, use of textbooks, clarity of presentation. Different audiences need different approaches!

1230 Lunch Break

1315-1345 Results of questionnaire on attitudes to teaching

1345-1430 5 minute presentation by all participants

1430-1500 The teaching jigsaw, different methods of presentation and student stimulation.

1500-1530 Thinking about assessment methods

1530-1600 League Tables: Do we believe them, are they important?

Followed by free discussion and close at approx. 1630