Six University Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research

6-University Human Assets Promotion Program for Innovative Education and Research (6U-HAPPIER)


In the context of Competition and Cooperation among universities

Faculty Exchange

Faculty Exchange among Nagoya University, Osaka University and Tokyo Tech started in 2005. The opportunity for exchange has now been extended to every member institution of 6U-HAPPIER, as set forth in the 6-U Agreement ratified on 19 May 2017 by the Engineering Deans of each school. Details are explained in Japanese here.

ACE (Academic Career Enhancement) Initiatives

6U-HAPPIER conducts Academic Career Enhancement Initiatives for education, research and management. Faculty Development programs in the member universities are shared among 6U faculty members.
ACE Innitiatives on education and research include stand-alone workshops (like the ones by Prof. Roderick Smith) and sessions in international workshops/forums (like UKJ-EEL and Taiwan-Japan Forum).
ACE Management initiatives are experimentally conducted at Hokkaido University and Osaka University with Tokyo Tech Designated Professor Y. Kagohashi as a leader.
School of Engineering, Hokkaido U.
Seven sessions were held in AY2017 and 10 people attended. Themes include laboratory management, implementation of university technology in the real world.
School of Engineering Science, Osaka U.
Six sessions were held in AY2017 and 7 people attended. Themes focus on industry-academia collaborations.

Newspaper Report

Activities of 6U-HAPPIER was reported in a Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun on 13 May 2019.

Upcoming Events

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